Dear Congressman Stivers, Please #StandForFulbright

For more than a year, this blog was dedicated to chronicling my journey as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Germany. It has since turned into a space for me to write overtly pretentious posts about my (sparse) travels and the occasional rant. Almost two years after my return to the United States, I find … More Dear Congressman Stivers, Please #StandForFulbright

Northern Ireland

Eight months ago, one of my best friends and I went on a trip. I wrote a little about the Ireland leg of our travels and I began to compose a post about our brief time in Northern Ireland, but no matter how much I wrote, I could never really truly satisfy my thoughts and what … More Northern Ireland

A trip to Ireland

Our trip to Ireland did not start out as planned. A simple flight from Berlin to Dublin was missed (thanks Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), which forced us to think on our feet and sketch out a new way to get to the Emerald Isle. Luckily, everything worked out, despite the new plan involving catching a train to … More A trip to Ireland

A Rant: (the lack of) Public Transportation in Columbus, Ohio

*Author’s Note: I originally started writing this post during the first week on January. I put it aside with the hopes of coming back to it. Little did I know I would completely forget about it ’til the second week of March. I figured I would just post it, even though I’m not completely content … More A Rant: (the lack of) Public Transportation in Columbus, Ohio

#ThrowbackThursday: London, England feat. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

(Since it is the 5th of November, I thought it would be appropriate to finally write my London post and have it ready for Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night… Remember, remember when Layla wrote posts not 4 months later… 😉 ) On June 30, 2015, I got on a plane. I said goodbye to my home … More #ThrowbackThursday: London, England feat. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

#ThrowbackThursday: Vienna, Austria feat. Eurovision!

It seemed like everything in the universe was against me from having a good time in Vienna. There was always something lurking that could cause for a less than ideal trip, whether it was residual Deutsche Bahn strike cancelations, the weather, or interesting characters in our hostel. Some may consider this trip as a series … More #ThrowbackThursday: Vienna, Austria feat. Eurovision!

Wanderer of the World

I am becoming restless. I often find myself spiraling down the black hole of Travelocity or better yet, Skyscanner searches late at night, fantasizing about booking that flight to Bangkok or Cape Town. I have itchy feet. Wanderlust. Vagabondism. Whatever you want to call it, I have it. As I’m approaching the one year anniversary … More Wanderer of the World