Starting the new year off right… and 18 days late.

In an effort to write more and actually establish a proper new years resolution, I decided to create a blog that is not tumblr. With that being said, WELCOME! Willkommen!

I’m hoping to write weekly, or whenever I need a place to regurgitate the mess of facts, points, and overall ramblings colliding within my mind on a daily basis (hence the title of this blog…) . I have always written random pieces here and there on topics I find important, but never had a place where they could be read by the public and appreciated, ie I posted them on my tumblr blog and people did not bother reading, because who wants to read about corruption and capitalism when there’s a gif of Tom Hiddleston laughing to be reblogged? So, I guess just for the sake of looking back on my past self, I will begin this blog with posting some of my older “ramblings” as I will call them, and intermix the older ones with newer pieces I jot down (I’ll probably find some way to distinguish the two… does this site use tags? Maybe I’ll use those? I’m a hopeless noob, help ;-;)

ANYWHO… Welcome to my blog, and bring on 2014! The adventure has just started.


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