Let’s try this one more time…

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post, rendering my original intent of posting bi-weekly/month “ramblings” completely void. But, that’s okay! I may not have a lot to show on this blog, but my own personal life has been going swimmingly, and my prospects for the future are promising and beyond exciting! Since we last chatted, I found out I was a Fulbright finalist to Germany, volunteered in Ecuador during spring break, presented my undergraduate research (entitled “The Not-So-Beautiful Game: the Commodification of the 2006 and 2014 World Cups”), then found out I received a Fulbright to Germany as apart of the English Teaching Assisstanship program!

BUT. I am not here to talk about any of the milestones I am achieving in my life because who wants to hear about that? With all this organized, intentional commotion going on in my life, I can’t help but realize that a lot of my hard work is finally paying off, and that there is a good chance that one day, I will be able to pursue a career that allows me to travel, and learn about other cultures, languages, and people. Between my travels to Ecuador and finding out I’ll be MOVING to Germany, I can’t help but notice that traveling is a part of me. I love the change, and oddly enough, I love the logistics of traveling as well– planning flights, routes to and from the air port and hostel, and so forth. It’s all enjoyable to me.

I recently read this post on the travel section of National Geographic, and out of the four tips they provide, one particularly sparked my interest: Adopt a “travel mantra.” After reading this, it took me a quick second to realize that I do not have a mantra to live by, not only when traveling, but in general. In my spare time, I often find myself living vicariously through travel vloggers on Youtube, like Louis Cole or Ben Brown, all of who have mantras that they say as a way to send off their videos: Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure or Remember to work hard, be nice to people, and try not to get lost or killed. Fantastic mantras to live by, don’t you think? Sure I appreciate them, but I need one of my own that encompasses what I value the most when I travel, and what I expect out of my experiences abroad. I’m rattling my brain trying to come up with the right combination of words to accurately articulate my feelings on the matter, but I feel as if this is one of those moments that cannot be dwelled upon. One day, when I am feeling nostalgic about hiking through the Cloud Forest, craving some Swiss chocolate or just experiencing overall emotions of wanderlust, this mantra will come to me, and I have to accept that. As much as I would love to end this post with my new mantra that perfectly describes my views on cultural exchange and the process of traveling, I sadly cannot at this moment. I have a feeling it will be soon though, and I will make sure to let the world know of this new found epiphany when it happens.


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