Wanderer of the World

I am becoming restless. I often find myself spiraling down the black hole of Travelocity or better yet, Skyscanner searches late at night, fantasizing about booking that flight to Bangkok or Cape Town. I have itchy feet. Wanderlust. Vagabondism. Whatever you want to call it, I have it. As I’m approaching the one year anniversary of when I left to live in Germany for 10 months, and am finally starting to settle down (for now) in Columbus (ie I got a job! woo!), the nostalgia of train rides to undiscovered countries and the act of simply planning out an adventure is hitting me. Hard. There are only so many YouTube travel vloggers I can vicariously live through on the daily before I go insane from my own temporarily anchored body.

There’s no doubt that I love Columbus, but it’s familiar and well within my comfort zone. The best part of traveling is being confronted with difficulties and barriers, because when you do overcome that obstacle, it feels damn good. So, for the next couple of weeks, I am going to explore parts of Columbus that I am unfamiliar with, just to take the edge off my wandering mind AND I thought I would bring an Instagram tradition to WordPress: #ThrowbackThursday. Since I am currently in that “saving money” phase of the Traveler’s perpetual cycle (earn money–go on a trip–earn money–go on a trip until the end of time), I thought I would reflect back on all the traveling I was fortunate enough to do this past year by collecting my thoughts after the fact with a little blog post. And what better place to do that than this blog! I can see it now: every Thursday, I will write an entry about my past travels, sharing my experiences and hopefully getting a few laughs in there. But in reality, behind the screen, it’s me typing with tears in my eyes, browsing through my hundreds of photos, wishing I was anywhere but here.

That being said, I’m going to give this blog a nice little makeover, no longer identifying it solely as “another blog from a Fulbrighter that they barely updated.” Now it will be “another blog from a former Fulbrighter that has a tentative schedule of publishing a piece on Thursdays.” But please don’t hold me to that loose promise– it’s better that our hopes and expectations remain relatively low for this little project.


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