Hello! My name is Layla and welcome to my blog! I live in Columbus, Ohio and am known to have the occasional quarter-life crisis, as all Millennials do. I like to block out the inevitably of adulthood by traveling.

The name of this blog is something I aim to be: eine Wanderin der Welt or a wanderer of the world. I still consider myself to be in the infancy of my life as a wanderer; I have not set foot in Asia or smelled the African air or taken a night train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, but I plan on it. Here, I will write about my adventures in hopes of inspiring others to live a life beyond their comfort zone. Because let’s be real, the best experiences and stories are born out of misunderstandings, confusion, language barriers, and an appreciation of your surroundings.

*Please note that any entries from September 2014-June 2015 regarding my year as a Fulbright ETA in Germany are entirely of my own experiences and are not a direct reflection of the Fulbright Program or the US Department of State. All content is of my own opinion and should not be used as a way to directly represent the Fulbright Program or the US Department of State.*

*Any photos used in this blog are my own unless stated otherwise. Credit is given when applicable!*


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